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April to September

Summer batch


Summer batch demo day

October to March

Winter Batch


Winter batch demo day

April to September

Summer batch


Summer batch demo day

October to March

Winter Batch


Winter batch demo day

Areas we invest

Location based platforms

(Services/advertising, analytics)

Spatial enabled platforms

(Analytics, enterprise apps, GIS

enabled systems, Navigation &

other spatial analysis use cases)

Mobile &

Big Data Analytics

E-Commerce Management Systems

( Horizontal platforms in

targeting/retargeting, analytics,

data integration, shipping &

delivery management)

Data Integration & Master

Data Management

Mobile commerce &

Proximity payments

M2M Platforms &


What we offer

All the infrastructure you need – from office space to cloud credits to testing devices

All our cool stuff – Pitney Bowes Location, Ecommerce, Machine Learning, Analytics and Data tools

Whatever we know – Technical & Business mentorship. Product Management, Branding, Marketing, Legal support

The important stuff - Customer Validation & Introduction, Distribution Channel leverage

Investor Connect & Exclusive Showcase Opportunity

“At Pitney Bowes we are continuously investing in innovation, people and technology. This program is another step towards innovation by leveraging technology companions and partnerships with an exciting bunch of young entrepreneurs and companies.
By offering technology, opportunities, connections and collaborative knowledge, the program aims to support participating companies build strong foundation to grow and scale.”

Manish Choudhary

Senior Vice President, Global SMB Products & Strategy and Chairman India, Pitney Bowes Inc.




How to apply

Applying to program is simple. Just send across a brief about your idea or a business plan to our email and someone from the team will ping you back.

There is no format, present what you think is exciting and important about your idea. However, we encourage people with atleast a prototype or a V1 product to apply.

Give us a shout out at

2017 Pitney Bowes Accelerator Program

We are now introducing a new format of the program. Instead of the batch approach, the Pitney Bowes Accelerator Program will follow a rolling approach. So whenever we come across a startup with an interesting and novel concept, we will incubate them into the Accelerator Program allowing them to get early success from the program.
Learn about the new startups inducted this year:

An IoT start-up with a ready-to-deploy SaaS solution that provides real-time location

A data analytics and risk management start-up, translating ever-increasing amount of data

An enterprise focused chatbot solution that uses the power of Conversational user interfaces to enable

A 360 degree solution platform to enable cross-border ecommerce from India – marketplaces

A ready to use, end-to-end AI as SaaS platform to build ‘Human-Brain like’ intelligent systems


Accelerator Startups



Shreyaa Ratra


Expertise and experience of the mentors at PB, quality of startups they have produced in previous batches. These two reasons were enough for me to apply for this accelerator program. Through the Pitney Bowes accelerator program, we have been given access to tools and technologies that complement our core product. Their patented software has helped us scale our data enrichment capabilities making our platform robust.

Dr. Shikha Suman


Pitney Bowes is one of the few globally recognized acceleration programs giving thrust to Indian startups to build a scalable product with customer and POC validation. Medimojo’s focus, being in the mobile and big data analytics, Pitney Bowes with its rich experience was an obvious accelerator for us to aspire to be a part of. The support from Pitney Bowes in building tech for the product has been the most outstanding take away from the acceleration program thus far. Weekly inputs and review of progress has helped made significant progress on the objectives of NLP/ML and AI.


Saurabh Singh

Audianz Networks

Extremely happy to be a part of the program. The team has been extremely supportive in getting us access to tools, insights and connecting us to the right Go-To-Market partners, which are helping us get to the next level.

Prateek Chaturvedi

Focus Analytics

Being in the convergent space of Location, Analytics & Mobile, where Pitney Bowes is a dominant world leader, the team was ble to add a lot of insight to our idea. The team also connected us to their customers for a few use cases that we could solve from our platform.

Pranjal Jain

Ideata Analytics

The tech team at PB India helped us a lot in solving some of the tech challenges we were getting stuck at and pushed us to get to our MVP quickly. We are working with multiple product teams with PB ecosystem and validating some very innovative use cases of our platform.


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